11 efficient study lifehacks

No matter how hard you try to learn. Yet they have always been and there will be problems with their studies. Okay, fine, so be it – we will help you. Take the amazing country, but to work and life hacking tips for first-year students (and not only).


Here are some recommendations to help to help you better focus on their studies, it is easier to remember English irregular verbs, the history or the rules of the Russian language – it does not matter, whatever you want!

  1. Spray around you the familiar scent when learning new material.

It is a strange aroma, take with you to the exam or that you need to be designed to reproduce the information. Our brains associate smells with the surroundings and events, so that the smell helps you to quickly retrieve knowledge.

  1. Eat rubber with strange tastes. It works on the same principle as in the previous paragraph.
  2. While listening to the conference recording, turn on the background (very quiet) favorite band.

This is an effective way to store large amounts of information, and rather boring information.

  1. At the important dates and events in the book synopsis or let alone jelly bears.

Returning to bear with the desire to eat, be sure to read back the event.

  1. When the time is running out, listen to the recording at double speed classes. For these methods to store information on the Internet there are special programs.
  2. To make it easier to search and store information on your computer, all in Times New Roman font notes.
  3. it’s easier to remember the material from your computer or from the Internet will help blocker and various pop-up windows. So as not to be distracted by trivialities.
  4. Remember tickets on the history, anthropology and other sciences will be easy, as if the study of the material displayed on documentaries (Search YouTube). This will help to associate events with visual images, to consolidate the knowledge and even the most complex information quickly and easy to remember.
  5. Remember a lot of information will be easy if every 20 minutes, he interrupted his studies and to review what you have already learned material (past).
  6. Take notes with colored pencils / crayons / markers. This improves the visual memory capacity.
  7. Take a break every 25 minutes. Seriously – Start the timer and rest for five minutes every time the timer bell.

Try it, and suddenly help? However, if before the exam, there are very little time and these tips will try once, you will always know where to turn for help, which will help and support at this difficult time.

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