Writing persuasive essay In 11 easy steps

The persuasive essay is the work that is used to persuade the reader that the opinion you find to be correct is actually the right one. There are numerous topics you can choose to write on, and most of them are from the real life. You can argue about the drug legalization law, or show your opinion regarding junk food. The main point is – you need to have an opinion, engage the reader in the discussion, and prove yourself right.

Analyze the topic. Most of the teachers and professors give a prompt or a few topic options you can choose from. It is crucial to pick the most interesting one and analyze the prompt thoroughly in order to understand what you are expected to write about.

Manage the time. Try to start working on the assignment early to craft the argument you will love writing about. An essay prepared overnight is not likely to successfully persuade the readers. Thus, take some time to brainstorm, research, write and proofread.

Analyze the setting. Your paper has a few aspects that have to be considered, which are you (writer), readers, argument, and the overall situation.

Mind the requirements. Do not forget that you have instructions to follow. Go through them before working on the task, check the word limit, formatting style, and the recommendations the teacher has given with the assignment.

Consider the readers. One person finds arguments persuasive, another sees them as foolish. Therefore, you should know who will read the essay to understand what kind of evidence you should present. Yes, your teacher is most likely the only person who will go through it, but you may be asked to write for the classmates, so keep up with their level.

Craft a thesis statement. Be clear about what you want your essay to convey, and communicate it in the thesis statement. Its usual placement is at the very end of the intro. Let the audience know what it should expect your essay to be about, so you don’t waste anyone’s time. Imagine that a thesis is the description of the whole essay pressed in a single sentence. It should be strong and take a definite position. Do not try to play for both teams, and choose the side you want to defend.

Use clear topic sentences and good transitional sentences. The beginning of each body paragraph should be like a tiny thesis statement for this paragraph. Thus, your essay will look more coherent. The sentences in between the paragraphs should be nice and clear too to make the text flow.

Use factual background to defend your viewpoint. Backing up any claim you make it with the evidence of high credibility. Show that you know what you are talking about, and are not making up the data to be more persuasive.

Keep it brief. It is great if you have a lot to say. However, try to convey only the most significant information not to bore the reader.

Use hooks and persuasive language. Try to make your essay interesting to read by using hooks – sentences that capture attention. Be confident, and make yourself sound like what you are saying is so true, everyone should have the same viewpoint.

Create a challenge. Not all of your readers will have the same opinion, and not all of them will be willing to leave it just because of your essay. You should certainly not diss anyone and say how wrong the opposing opinion is. The main goal here is to acknowledge the against arguments and refute them politely but effectively.

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