The basic principles of writing and assessment of review work

The basic principles of writing upon writing control work, as well as writing control, completely absolves the student from his tasks. The customer just needs to provide the subject of the work, and the rest do it for professionals. However, sometimes the student is not possible to order the thesis cheaply, and then we need a solution to look for on his or her own. It is worth mentioning that the implementation of a scientific work requires careful preparation and an exact planning period. In the case of a systematic approach to performance problems are minimal. Thus, the basic principles of writing control work:

  1. Conscious understanding of the topics now of choice for the subject should be aware that the subject for you is very clear. If the subject of the work will be completely alien, you need to familiarize yourself with it and its development. So try to choose something familiar.
  2. Choosing References Once you have chosen a topic, ask the teacher to identify the names of the scientists and the names of the work associated with the development subject control. Be sure to highlight the main benefits and read with them. Hand on the necessary books to have, you will easily cope with the task.
  3. Preparing the job: Before you begin writing directly to the work, make a plan in which each element will mean a new chapter. Look at it and you will express thoughts, ensuring a coherent presentation. After all, the most common reason for deductions is left in the direction of the main theme. The plan would be an obstacle to the fulfillment of the typical school failures.
  4. Speech language when formulating thoughts in the attempt to present their scientific language. However, do not exaggerate it with the conditions that due to their frequency in the text can also spoil the work. Language statement as extremely clear and simple, but at the same time read and write. Avoid rough language errors. Not in the same sentence, the words of the spoken language and the language of the language. Paste typical scientific combinations papers: Based on the above should be noted, it is important to be summarized in this way to stress, etc.
  5. The structure works like any scientific work, the control has a clear structure. It contains a brief introduction that is the main part of a small, consisting of two chapters (or more if the subject is extensive) and the conclusions.

These simple rules will help you to get the highest score in the discipline


To these teachers’ pay attention in the evaluation control examination is one of the forms of independent work of pupils and students. In fact – this is the representation of the answers to some theoretical questions on an object, as well as the solution of practical problems. For the content of the examinations depends on the discipline. For example, the control of legal disciplines (constitution, civil and criminal law) should solve problems that contain the legal situation. Examination extended faculty on part-time, as the most important way is to test the knowledge of the students of the distance courses. Typically, these students are working and do not have enough free time to study. Alternatively, you can order a test, and save the time to prepare for the session. Test through to analyze the ability of the student to develop scientific and educational literature, the ability to synthesize, assess and evaluate the practical and scientific material, strengthen the concepts of mastering certain skills and science, etc. Control, of course, or from order on their own to provide answers to the theoretical questions placed in the work, and offered to solve the problem. Moreover, it must be convincing and consistent with the recommended literature. Teachers also pay attention to the fact that the decision was motivated tasks are appropriate and complete. According to what criteria teachers evaluate test papers if the control of many teachers from universities evaluation are the following criteria:

  • Work was carried out independently of the author;
  • Student took sufficient evidence that is necessary for understanding the subject of control;
  • The author has managed to create a logically consistent concept that is formulated to meet the tasks and objectives;
  • The students analyze the material;
  • Control of the work fulfills all requirements of clarity of presentation and reasoning, objectivity and consistency, correctness and media;
  • Student was able to underline their position;
  • Control of work fulfills all requirements for registration;
  • Author defends his control and successfully answers all the teacher’s questions.

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