Headline: How can we create it?

Since the world gives us a wealth of information in the form of articles to continue to provide, blogs, news and other types of texts, people need to decide what to read carefully. So is the main attraction of the writer (or content writer or university), put the cherry on the top of her writing, which is a catchy tune. About 85% of people only read headlines and never look at the text if the title does not give a good impression. So how can we create a good name?


Make It Shocking

The sentences used are demagogy or special preparations that manipulate the reader. You need to understand what attracts / shock / people bullying and how to use it in the title. However, this information must be correct, even if they are exaggerated. You should not lie with numbers and names, so the player’s trust in writing and is reliable. Just find shocking information and select it from the name, even if the letter contains only one element in this case.

For example:

“Thousands of people suffer from acid attacks”

“Do not believe what sausages are made!”

Make It Stick Out

Most people will not be attentive to many of them already have seen a few times (TOP-10, for example). Use a different number for your article, “top”, try to make a list of 14, 28, 11, 4 long positions. 3, 5,7,10 are the most common that you want to avoid.

You can also use exclamation marks and blankets. Usually should be avoided, and it can be very helpful to the dozen other publications.

Another trick is to get more than others do. Try seven words and more. Do not call the player to help them.

Make controversial

If you write about a topic that is known to trigger reactions both positive and negative, play a prank! Your goal is to emphasize his opinion about the situation, and look at the article to read. The fact is that those who want to read because they are happy to show another person sharing their views. Those who do not feel bad and because the claim is read because they want to know how to be wrong, even if they only knew that.

For example:

“(Name) will lead us to failure”

“Why the Bible is cannot be approved”

Use a different language

All songs were written in English, which makes a total of. You can add a cover or phrase from another language, but try to use the familiar words. This will help in two ways:

  1. The reader will think that you are generally good at being a professional in this area.
  2. The reader felt smart and educated because the understanding of this expression were recorded.

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