Perfect Shopping Mall

If you were going to build the perfect shopping mall, what would you include? Why?

The shopping mall that is to be constructed will emphasize elegance and magnificence. If I were going to construct the impeccable shopping mall, I would include approximately four floors overall with little particulars, for instance, chandeliers, shop location, and lighting. The ground floor would hold majority of the eateries, along with a park. This is because it would have a huge open space, which makes it ideal (Galinsky et al., 2013). The ground floor will have a lovely picnic spread and an enormous water feature, which is capable of being decorated with season consideration. The ground floor will also have great glass windows throughout the mall to put emphasis on the area magnificence, and be an area where individuals are able to eat out while gazing in awe at the artificial park exquisiteness.

Apart from the park space meant for activities related to recreation, the other mall floors will be tactically designed for the vital shopping experience. Each floor will be selected for a particular kind of shopping category. The topmost floor will contain cinemas, a digital area where electronic devices, games, as well as computers will be obtainable, and an arcade. The third floor of the mall will have stores for housewares, apparels, and accessories (Uffelen, 2013). The second floor will simply hold the topmost brand names including a special section for luxury stuff. This luxury section will be awesome for people who desire to do their shopping clandestinely. It will contain a lounge space and individual concierge provision. This segment will provide valet and premium restaurants within the open-air strip. The first floor of the mall will be best for children’s toys, along with a play area. This is because the parents can climb just one floor up to get to the indoor playground and permit them to have a chat while their children play (Scharoun, 2012).

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