Revision Policy

The goal of administrators, authors and writers is to support student success by providing the most educationally-sound writing guidelines, based upon the needs of our most Users. Accordingly, User’s satisfaction is tantamount to our business model. Put simply, we will do whatever is necessary to produce exemplary academic recommendations that meet specific learning needs Users have.

On certain occasions, a User may request revisions to an article.

To request revisions, a Customer should do the following:

  1. The request for revision(s) should be sent to the Support Department, by email.
  2. All requests for revision should be made in writing only.

It is certainly our goal, as stated initially, that each and every User will be satisfied with the instructional materials provided.  We are open to discussing any specific situation with any User at any time, in order to attain a mutually satisfactory resolution. It is our responsibility to follow our own policies and also to be certain that all Users understand our policies; it is the responsibility of the User to read Policy carefully, so that misunderstandings do not occur.

Revision. Support Department

We will be available to discuss all revision requests at any time.