How to write a summary for the coursework?

What is a summary?

Summary – a summary of the works, articles, manuals, etc. If the diploma course, candidates and other types of research papers to write notes are an integral part. It contains the basic provisions of the basic text, sometimes the composition of the text. It usually consists of simple sentences. Here is a brief description of the article or the user to read, you can easily see if you need material to work with.


Basic Requirements for Comments:

– Tablet and expressive content;

– The usual way to present the material and the lack of orientation on the use of the document.

Annotation Types

– Context

Specifies the ambiguous name after the basic information about the author, genre, and other characteristics of the text, which are not in the bibliographic description.

– Recommendation

Its purpose favors the original text, the excitement of interest in order to attract attention and conviction of the need to search for a document. Consequently, these descriptions of didactic orientation and methodological advice. They are usually written in plain language.

The abstracts

The number of characters in the general summary varies from 1,000 to 1,500 times in the case of large summaries abstract 2000 symbols because it contains a significant number of chapters in a primary document. A detailed description is also prepared for international scientific conferences. Its volume can be up to 2000 symbols, and in this case, it is close to the list of extended summaries.

A brief description of the structure

  1. The title of the article, the report, benefits and other work. Title of the work must be very clear that after reading it was clear that we studied and for what purpose. From the title, the reader must understand, if you want to know more.
  2. The compiler, in the case of a diploma or course, as well as the project leader said. When collecting information about the author or graduate, be sure to specify exactly, professors, courses and specialization of the author.
  3. Direct text comments.

They try to use when you enter text, as a rule, turns to the kind of expression, “In the article, the following principles …” “Guide introduces the basic techniques of …” “Work focuses on …”

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