Dissertation proposal outline that will certainly save your time!

A proposal is your way of announcing what kind of project you are undertaking and why. Also, it is your chance to understand the topic better. While the length of dissertation proposals usually varies from university to university, the approximate length of such kind of work is usually about eight pages. Even though your proposal is just an overview of the actual research, it has to have a special structure, and consist of specific sections, each entitled with the proper heading:

Abstract. Sometimes will not be necessary to include, but is still worth mentioning. Includes a brief overview of the whole paper, and tells readers what they should expect to see

Introduction. Presents the chosen topic, and summarizes the importance of the study you are planning to conduct. It also shows the way you found the topic and became interested in it. As the intro is one of the first things your audience will see, it is a perfect opportunity to hook it.

Problem statement. States what kind of problem you will discuss and why it is crucial to study it.

Literature review. Defends the topic choice you have made and justifies it. Relates the research to the specific field and shows how much this study will contribute to it. Also, it explains what difference your project will make – how it will fill in the research gap, refute what is thought to be true, prove the certain theory, or enlarge the knowledge on the subject. Even though this part of the proposal is pretty big, it should not be as lengthy as it will be in a dissertation itself.

Purpose statement. Overviews the study itself. Shows why exactly the research is being conducted, and which methods are or will be used for it.

Limitations. Shows which important parts you were not able to address and the reasons you could not do it. Also, gives clear explanations of the reasons the topic or the chosen approach cannot help you make the most of the study.

Significance. Explains why your research is that important and how exactly it will contribute to the field.

Plan and time constraints.

List of references. Includes all sources you have used to create a proposal in a format specified by general requirements.

A good dissertation proposal outline is just one of the many things that can help you craft a nice paper in a timely manner. Here are a few more tips that will help you out:

Mind the timeframe

While it is obvious for most of the people, some individuals still tend to leave writing and preparation for the last few days. You surely do not want to leave the huge pile of work you need to do for the last minute. Therefore, do yourself a favor and start early. Review the literature on the subject, and take some time to find a suitable topic. Do not stop on the topic choice and carry on with the research.

Review relevant materials

When your topic is narrowed and specific, the review of literature becomes a lot easier, as you can focus on the materials that have a real value for the project. The more you read on the topic – the better you understand it, which not only means you will have a lot more details to write about, but also that you will write faster and better.

Be in touch with the committee

It is crucial to get in touch with the members of the committee once in a while. It is especially necessary if you make certain changes in the research. You can feel free to ask for advice or help with the parts of the study you cannot understand.

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